EPS engineers are the world’s leading seismic isolation engineering experts. EPS has three principal engineers that each have over 20 year’s professional experience specializing in implementing state-of-the-art seismic isolation solutions. EPS seismic isolation solutions have substantially improved the seismic performance for many of the world’s most important seismically isolated structures while significantly reducing construction costs. EPS’s Friction Pendulum solutions are engineered for each application considering seismic performance criteria, structure requirements, seismic hazards, and construction costs.
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Seismic Isolation Bearings  
EPS invented the Friction Pendulum seismic isolation concept in 1985. Since then, EPS has made continual improvements and can now offer several types of advanced Friction Pendulum bearings that optimize seismic performance while reducing construction costs. Each Friction PendulumTM bearing is a specialty engineered sliding pendulum mechanism that controls the structure’s seismic response, and harmlessly dissipates the earthquake’s energy. Our most advanced Triple Pendulum bearings are multi-stage bearings that optimize the seismic performance during small, medium and large earthquake events, while reducing the costs of bearings that can accommodate the largest earthquakes.
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