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The Public Gas Corporation of Greece required seismic isolation bearings for the construction of two large LNG storage tanks on the island of Revithoussa, near Athens, in one of Europe’s highest seismic regions. The performance requirements for the isolation bearings for this project were the most stringent in the history of seismic isolation. Friction PendulumTM bearings where selected over elastomeric bearings because tests of full size bearings proved that they were best able to satisfy the demanding performance requirements.
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Two large LNG tanks for the Pampa Melchoritam, Peru, export facility are seismically protected with Triple PendulumTM bearings. Each LNG tank has a storage capacity of 130,000 cubic meters and is supported on 256 bearings. Use of seismic isolation resulted in an economical tank design with a reduced footprint, while providing the most reliable mechanism for accommodating the large seismic displacements that occur during an earthquake. The Triple PendulumTM bearing provides superior seismic performance at a lower bearing cost, compared to the single Friction PendulumTM bearing. Use of the bearings resulted in a 85+% reduction in inner tank shear and design base shear for the Design Basis Earthquake, thereby reducing the overall cost of tank construction .
Project Brochure
Watch video of 2008 PEER shake table tests of tank with and without FP Bearings.
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