LUN-A Platform
Sakhalin Concave and Slider
Sakhalin Offshore Platforms, Russia
Two massive offshore platforms located in a severe seismic and arctic environment are protected from earthquake damage by Friction PendulumTM bearings. In each platform, four large bearings sit atop a four-legged concrete gravity structure and support an integrated topside steel deck. The offshore platforms are the centerpiece of a $US 20 billion investment by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC), led by Shell, in the development of the Lunskoye gas field and the Piltun- Astokhskoye oil field in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia.
Use of Friction PendulumTM bearings saved an estimated $US 300 million in construction costs for the two platforms. During a 200-year return period seismic event, the platforms are expected to remain elastic, and during a 3000-year return period event, only limited structural damage is expected.
The Friction PendulumTM bearings used for the Sakhalin II Platforms are the largest load carrying seismic isolation bearings ever manufactured. The testing program developed by SEIC includes both high-load and highspeed testing and is the most rigorous and demanding test program ever developed for a seismic isolation application.
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