Friction PendulumTM bearings use the characteristics of a pendulum to lengthen the natural period of the isolated structure so as to avoid the strongest earthquake forces. During an earthquake, the supported structure moves with small pendulum motions. Since earthquake induced displacements occur primarily in the bearings, lateral loads and shaking movements transmitted to the structure are greatly reduced.
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Triple Pendulum Bearing

Single Pendulum Bearing

Tension Capable Bearing
Triple PendulumTM Bearing Single Pendulum Bearing Tension Capable Bearing
Incorporates three pendulums in one bearing,
each with properties selected to optimize
the structure’s response for different earthquake strengths and frequencies.
The original Friction PendulumTM
bearing. Consists of a single
slider moving on a concave
Can accommodate structure
vertical loads that vary from
compression to tension during
seismic movements.
High Speed Testing of Triple FP Bearing 1992 UC Berkeley Tests of
Unreinforced Masonry Structure
  2001 UC San Diego Testing of
Single FP Bearing
  2009 UC San Diego Testing of
Dumbarton Bridge Bearing
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