EPS is engaged in the continual development of improved seismic isolation solutions and application-specific bearing designs, bearing manufacture, and testing that use patented and proprietary Friction PendulumTM Bearings. All seismic isolation solutions, isolation system designs, bearing designs, drawings, specifications, and all related information not found in public domain literature, are EPS Proprietary Information.

Use by the recipient of the EPS engineering support or proprietary information is restricted to directly supporting the specification of EPS bearing models in the construction documents. EPS Proprietary Information may be used only for the named application, and remains the property of EPS. Written consent is required to use EPS Proprietary Information to assist in the preparation of construction documents that allow equivalent seismic isolation solutions using bearings manufactured by others. If the recipient does not agree to these restrictions, all EPS project related documents should be returned unopened, and deleted from the recipient’s computer. The recipient’s request for and acceptance of technical support from EPS, constitutes the recipient’s agreement to safeguard the access and use of all EPS Proprietary Information in accordance with these restrictions.
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